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do nothing, which is the glorious recommendation of the aarp and other senior groups, that in the year 2031, you will waddle up to the window and get a check for 25% less. who is goofy enough to let that happen? plenty of people. you have never heard a single question, what will you do with a $16 trillion debt? a question i thought was rather significant. >> the word fiscal cliff was never mentioned by candidates or one of the moderators in the debates. every day, we have a countdown. we already elected the guy. it has to be dealt with on its own level by its own party. it is not part of solving the deficit by hitting social security and hurting seniors. it sits by its side. finally, it seems to me and my goofy attitude about life around here, that the sad part -- when you have leaders of both parties throwing out, casting out into the water the bait that says, maybe it would help the democrats if we go off the cliff. the other side, maybe it will help the republicans if we go off the cliff. i will tell you, that is like betting your country. anybody who has that atti
of the reasons it happened is some of those resources went back to coverage, but aarp. i think -- >> rebalancing. >> i think the president's policies and were attacked on the point of distribution. whether romney made those attacks, i cannot speak to, but i think the president's coalition should get up. >> the attacks were in -- -- work. 60% of retirees voted for romney. the interesting question is on when you go into this, democrats are laying down cut sis in programs. >> i think this is an important question. the issues on health care and medicare expenditures, the president was very specific about beneficiaries. >> when you think about an older population that is still 80% white and a younger population that is still, how does this apply to the issue of fiscal consolidation? some people say it is a moral burden. paul ryan says we are going to leave it the way it is for all of you. >> it is more interesting than the specific transfer. it makes the mouth work. >> more sustainable today than it was -- it makes math work. >> more sustainable today than it was. >> there is far more interested in t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)